Great design should compliment the architecture of a space, or create a sense of architecture. It should set a mood, which enhances the users’ experience of that room, home, or business interior.

The design process, at its best is a partnership between the designer, and the client . The designer is there to bring his expertise to the process, opening up a world of design options and selections, then, editing those selections into a cohesive beautiful interior. The Ideal client is on the same page with their designer, involved in the process, open to new ideas, which expands their preconceived ideas, and occasionally editing the designer, keeping him true to your shared vision of the finished project.

 I want my interiors not to look like any one else’s. It should be unique to the owner, providing luxury, comfort, and a sense of style. A mix of special items adds to that sense of luxury. This mix may contain antiques, modern art, a collection of curiosities. The gathering and placement of these items adds to the experience of creating a special home or environment. This addition puts a personal and finishing touch to a great design.   

- Paul Canvasser


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